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I'm Pascale!

Owner of Proctor Talent Services


Wouldn't it excite you to be recognized by candidates as an innovative, brightspot organization   that's committed to its Mission as well as taking care of employees?



Do you want to promote your organization's culture   and attract employees who share a passion for your organization's Mission  and Values?



Are you aching for an efficient and effective process for developing  a pool of  skilled  Talent

"Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality."

~Warren Benice

We have to  admit,

it's hard to feel and truly be confident  with recruitment when we 

Remain reactive, and not proactive, about our talent priorities


Cannot communicate our organization's Mission and Culture


Aren't in tune with our prospects' personal and professional aspirations and the incredible impact we can have on our talent's goals

Avoid collaboration with the qualified and committed talent that currently exist within our teams


Don't recognize  why numbers and data deserve a seat at our hiring team's table

Overlook opportunities to systemize and automate processes and ultimately make our lives easier

I understand.  I  know where you are,

and I'm here to support you!

I hear you,




I work with driven and innovative nonprofit and human resources leaders, encouraging clients to grasp their goals and own their Missions, all while unifying strategies around their most important asset: Talent

I provide support with critical aspects of talent acquisition. I'm a people-person, and it lights me up to partner with eager and enthusiastic leaders who want to make transformations  and commit to achieving  goals, no matter where their starting line is!

I'm developing an incredible Recruitment Toolkit for the PTS Community that will alleviate the stressors that keep us from being confident about our recruitment efforts.  In order for me to ensure this toolkit is just right  for my community and truly serving as a useful resource, I need to hear from you.


Please take a few minutes to share your experience with recruitment at your organization by completing this short deep dive survey. If you would be willing to share your opinions and experience, I'll make sure you are among  the first to receive access to the toolkit when it's ready for launch!



I value your input and respect your time. Thank you for completing the survey and stay tuned for valuable tools and resources created specifically for you!!

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