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...your dream team is on the way...

Is your Talent Acquisition process

missing some important pieces?

Hiring (especially for the first time!) is challenging! Identifying the right people for your Mission takes time, focus, and collaboration. The hours and emotion you invest in searching for the right people can easily leave you feeling overwhelmed. When you partner with Proctor Talent Services you'll have a compassionate liaison that understands the intricacies of talent acquisition the hiring process.

Why partner with PTS?

I have built effective teams for organizations working all across the globe. One important realization I've had is that the simple step of gaining a fresh perspective can make all the difference when it comes to building an effective team. Through one-on-one strategy sessions, I will help you define your goals and create hiring and talent acquisition strategies that are tailored to your organization’s growing needs.

PTS will provide the Talent!

Helping you align talent acquisition with your organization's long-term goals is one piece of the puzzle. Hiring for open roles right now is another. PTS will help you execute recruitment for your open roles, and 

candidates presented will not only possess required qualifications, they'll demonstrate

a commitment to your Mission, Vision, and Organizational Values.

Who are PTS Partners?

My Partners are eager, committed nonprofit and startup leaders; but they’re stretched--and maybe even a bit frustrated by all the puzzle pieces in recruiting. They need a strategically effective recruiting system to help fill new and vacant roles, and this strategy needs to be tailored to their organization's Mission, Culture, and Teams.


I also partner with the exceptional Talent that I recruit: individuals that are self-driven and committed to making a better world. Through careful, comprehensive screening strategies, I ensure the Talent I represent will take your cause every bit as seriously as you do.

Partner with PTS and receive the support you and your Mission deserve.

 I’m  Pascale, owner of Proctor Talent Services. I work in collaboration with innovative, values-driven startup and nonprofit leaders who are making a difference across the globe.


My unique tools will help your organization with critical aspects of talent acquisition. I specialize in recruitment, organizational development, and strategic growth planning and it brings me great joy to help business leaders reach their goals without compromising core Values or their Mission. 

Let me help you

  • Execute recruiting strategies that clearly connect to your organization's goals

  • Master your recruiting abilities and coach your internal leaders to do the same

  • Collaborate easily with colleagues at all levels in your organization's recruitment process

  • Embrace other organizations as partners in the candidate market

  • Define your organization's internal brand and attract Talent meant for your Mission

  • Decrease your employee turnover by cultivating a recruiting culture

  • Effectively utilize data to support efficient hiring and budget-making decisions

  • Communicate your organization's work and critical impact to your most sought after candidates

"I have had the pleasure of working with Pascale and can honestly say that she is a wonderful recruiter and person. She is genuinely passionate about helping people and often goes above and beyond for both colleagues and clients. She is knowledgeable about staffing, resumes, and what makes a goof fit between person and position. I have benefited from her professional insight and advice and would absolutely recommend her!"

- Jillian B.  

Operations Assessment Coordinator

"Pascale was a great colleague to work with; she executed her duties effortlessly with poise and professionalism. She was very helpful during a period when I was hiring, she conducted phone interviews, provided detailed feedback and suggestions for candidates who proceeded for next rounds of interviews and was instrumental in quickly wrapping up the hiring process. I highly recommend Pascale because of her good attitude, enthusiasm, attentiveness, collaboration and work ethic – she is simply a great person to work with."

- Duncan M.  


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