Interested in building a stronger hiring community? 

 If you’re anything like me you find yourself frustrated by the lack of affordable or effective tools available to recruiting professionals. The truly great tools—the ones that are most practical and useful—can be completely cost-prohibitive to the nonprofit or startup budget. What’s more, your internal hiring team might not have access to effective resources or have the knowledge and support that's needed to create a thoroughly efficient hiring process. 

It isn’t just the difficulty in finding talent that stings,

it’s also the admission all-too-often that a "bad   hire" has been made...


Financial loss caused by a "bad hire" is devastating enough, but the negative affects hiring mistakes can have on an organization’s “true bottom line”—its actual Mission—could be felt for years to come...

I’m Pascale,

Principal Recruiter and Founder of Proctor Talent Services. 

My goal is simple:


Develop a stronger, more collaborative community of nonprofit, startup,  and   human resources (HR)    leaders who are equipped to build successful and impactful teams for their organizations.


I’ve learned to recognize opportunities for growth as a staffing veteran and along the way I’ve developed strategies that have proven invaluable to the organizations I’ve worked with. Now I need the help of professionals like you to make a good thing even better.

I've developed a comprehensive Resource that provides guidance to nonprofit, start-up,  and HR professionals regarding critical areas of talent acquisition and recruitment. The Resource is thoughtfully tailored to mission-driven organizations and is based on intensive industry research and many years of practical application.


Recruiting for your

Mission-Driven Organization

A Step-by-Step Resource for Creating and Implementing a Winning Hiring Strategy


and I'm inviting  you to be among the first to use it!

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This Resource delivers comprehensive guidance to execute hiring efforts through the

Six Phases of Recruitment:

Position Development

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Recruiting for your Mission-Driven Organization:   A Step-by-Step Resource for Creating and Implementing a Winning Hiring Strategy

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