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Partner smart.


Proctor Talent Services

Proctor Talent Services, LLC (PTS) is in the collaboration business.

With a focus on building relationships and creating opportunities, PTS partners with nonprofit organizations, and supports passionately-driven Talent, through programs and services that promote strategy, value talent, create Mission-impact.

PTS Partners are:

Nonprofit leaders who want sculpt their organization's culture and sharpen their leadership skills

Human Resources  professionals seeking talent acquisition resoucrces, tools and  support 


TALENT! Ambitious, focused, and skilled individuals ready to commit to the career of their dreams


I'm Pascale,

owner of Proctor Talent Services. 

Envision a community of leaders partnering to  create positive, inspired change in the world . ​



One thing has  solidified for me during my time as human resources professional with nonprofit organizations:  real joy comes from doing what you truly love. 


I dreamed about building this business for years. I constantly thought about the programmatic aspects and how I would execute operations. I pictured my clients and called them my partners, and smiled at the Talent I'd support: all passionate and driven individuals investing in themselves and the world, and loving every moment of it, just like me.   And although I 'd been employed by incredible organizations and  had amazing opportunities to incorporate parts of this dream into my roles, it was not enough. I was empowered to only do so much in these roles and the aching desire to do what I truly wanted with my life--be the catalyst for others as they achieved their own goals--continued to burn. 


Then came The Dream--a literal dream--the first dream I'd had of my mother since she'd passed away the year before. The message was quite cryptic, as dreams tend to be sometimes. She had burst through the front door of her house, in her contagiously energetic way, and asked which books I'd been reading. The question was strange, but the first thing I saw when I awoke from The Dream was a book: Caught Between a Dream and a Job by Delatorro McNeil II, a book that belonged to my mother, a book that I hadn't really noticed on the shelf before The Dream... (True Story!!!)


Naturally, I picked up the book and read the back cover:


Your life's work was never meant to be just a job. You are a powerful, creative, innovative, blessed, uniquely special individual with tremendous gifts, talents, abilities, and skills that were designed to solve problems and transform lives in this world.


It was due time; I had to do what I loved. I had to start this business, take ownership of my career, and model the way for doing work that brings personal joy and fulfillment and impact every day.


YOU have gifts, and talents, and skills, and passions, and it is my purpose--my responsibility during this one life--to support YOU as YOU do what you love. And, in doing so, we partner to solve problems, transform lives, and make the world a better, more joyful place.


Partner with PTS and receive support at any stage of your recruiting process. Whether you need job descriptions, qualified candidates, or reference checks, we will work in tandem to snag your ideal Talent!

If you are ready to take ownership of your career, and desire to work with organizations making positive contributions in the world, partnering with PTS is for you!

Whether you are seeking your Dream Role or your Dream Team, the PTS Community is a platform for partners to share valuable resources, insights, and support to positively impact organizations and careers. 

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