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PTS Recruitment Support

My role as your Recruiter is to partner as an extension of your team, providing recruitment strategy, execution, and motivation as we identify, attract, hire and keep your dream team.

Recruitment Support from PTS is a collaborative effort and

available through three (3) service options

so that you can get support at any stage of your recruitment efforts.

After reviewing the three service options below, Schedule a Complimentary Strategy Call 

where we’ll talk about your hiring goals, the challenges you’re facing with roles you’re trying to fill, and

the PTS partner support options that might be right for you.

Kickoff Support

Detailed Position Profile

Receive a comprehensive position profile that specifies the non-negotiable skills and attributes of your ideal hire; aligns with your organization's needs and strategic goals; and provides an accurate reflection of your organization’s values.

Candidate Sourcing

and Position Promotion 

Receive a tailored recruitment marketing and promotion strategy that will allow you to develop your candidate pipeline and build outstanding relationships with potential candidates in your talent pool.

Candidate Evaluation and Selection Strategy

Receive a recruitment blueprint that defines the candidate selection process, proposed vetting activities,  and target timelines.

Sourcing Support

Kickoff Support

Receive everything offered in Option I – Kickoff Support, including detailed position profile and strategy outlines.

Candidate Sourcing, Evaluation,

and Presentation 

Receive vetted and *qualified profiles for no fewer than three (3) and no more than eight (8) prospective candidates.

Partner Communication

Receive unlimited email access and weekly phone check-ins for updates and ongoing support during recruitment.

*Candidates are considered “qualified” once they have met predetermined vetting criteria and first-round interview with employer has been confirmed.

Cycle Support

Kickoff and Sourcing Support

Receive everything offered in Option I – Kickoff Support and Option II – Sourcing Support, including detailed position profile, strategy outlines,  partner communication, and *vetted candidates.

Recruitment Administration and Communication

Receive access to a secure partner portal with options to view candidate profiles, make interview decisions, and collaborate seamlessly during the search process.

Post-Placement Support

Receive candidate placement as well as ongoing support for 90-days after placement’s start date to ensure successful new hire and onboarding experience.

*Eight (8) maximum qualified candidate presentations per position.

"Pascale was a great person with whom to work. She was dedicated to producing quality products and would put in extra time and effort to do so. And through all the challenges that inevitably come with any project, she always kept a positive attitude!"

- Katie V.

Senior Manager, Marketing Strategy

"I highly recommend Pascale Hughes. She offers a high level of professional support and expertise in a very customer friendly approach. She truly cares about fitting the right person in the right position, and matching for organizational culture fit."

- Angee H.

Director, human resources & Professional Development

Need help selecting a support option? 

Schedule a complimentary

60-minute Strategy Call!

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