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Dear Partner,


I am excited to announce that Proctor Talent Services has partnered with Spark Hire to utilize their video interviewing solutions! Spark Hire's video interviewing platform will help us connect more personally with candidates to make smarter, more efficient hiring decisions and find only the best talent for our teams.  

With Spark Hire we will be able to:


Gain insights on candidates earlier in our process

Our candidates will be able to conduct interviews using Spark Hire either one-on-one with me or on their own time. I am then able to share candidates’ video interviews with you to help you make recruiting decisions quicker and more efficiently. You can assess candidates' skill set and personality by viewing their video interview and determine whether he or she may be a good fit, saving you and your organization time and resources.

Expand talent pool

Video interviews will allow us to widen our candidate pool by knocking down geographical barriers. The candidates who possess the right skills that you need may not be in your organization's backyard. With video interviews, we can connect with talent in other cities (and countries!) to make sure open positions are filled with only the best people. 

Improve hiring collaboration

Through our Candidate Video Interview Board, we will be able to work as a team to evaluate candidates quickly and comprehensively. Spark Hire's platform allows us to leave star-ratings and comments about each candidate enabling us to make smarter decisions about which candidates to move forward in our hiring process. 

Each of your open positions will have a dedicated video interviewing link and landing page for prospective candidates. Click below to access the Spark Hire landing page I've created for your Active Searches. You can feel free to share the link with anyone in your network that might be fit, or know someone that might be a fit for the open role. 

AMIkids White Pines Active Searches on Spark Hire

As always, please contact me if you have any questions about Spark Hire or how I will use their platform to support our recruitment efforts. You can also check out Spark Hire’s resources page for a lot of helpful information about video interviewing.


I’m really looking forward to implementing this with you and you should be too!

Your Dream Team is on the Way!




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