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Thank you for your sharing!  Now it's MY turn!

This is the purpose of the Recruitment Kickoff Phase and my Kickoff Strategy Form will help you  plan recruitment and  hire your ideal team member faster, and with more ease.


Click the red button to download the form. Then watch the FUNCTIONALITY TUTORIAL where I show  you how to customize the form, and the CONTENT TUTORIAL  where I complete the form and demonstrate how taking time to strategize will help you recruit with ease!


Happy Recruiting!

You've heard that achieving a desired goal starts with strong plan of action. Recruiting is no different. To hire talent that will get things done and enable your organization to move towards its Mission (and if we to want hire people fast!), we must have a plan. Putting together a strong  and clearly defined strategy before we start recruiting any of our roles will help us avoid massive headaches during the process.

Check out the FUNCTIONALITY TUTORIAL below and learn how to customize  your Kickoff Strategy Form to fit your org and needs!

Check out the CONTENT TUTORIAL below as I walk you through  the Kickoff Strategy Form with my Hiring Manager, Mr. Jackson!

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