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"Tune your  'Type T' Leader!"

Leadership & Talent Management Coaching

with Pascale

of Proctor Talent Services

"Tune your ' Type T' Leader", is a rewarding eight-week, 1-on-1   coaching program for leaders who desire collaborative, strategic, and innovative solutions to leadership and talent management, and who value a Talent-centric , Mission-driven approach to organizational growth. 

"Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality." 


~Warren Benice


Would it excite you to be recognized as a brightspot in talent management by fellow nonprofit leaders ardent about their own unique, world-changing Missions?



Do you wish to uplevel your organization's brand and attract your ideal band of leaders who all share a similar passion for your organziation's Mission  and Values?



Are you yearning for a pool of  skilled  Talent capable of achieving short- and long-term strategic goals?

"Successful people create a habit of positive enthusiasm." 


~David Cottrell 

You must admit,

it's hard to achieve  these desires if you

Remain reactive, and not proactive, about your talent priorities!


Cannot communicate your organization's Mission and Culture!


Aren't in tune with your personal desires, and professional aspirations, and the incredible impact you can have on your Talent's achievements!

Avoid collaboration with the qualified and committed Talent that currently exist within your teams!


Don't embrace your innovative, hairy, audacious, goals! 


Overlook opportunities with like-minded leaders seeking a thought partner just like YOU!

"Do what you love, the money will follow."


~Martha Sinetar

Partner, I can hear you already…You believe that plotting your dreams and goals is merely an exercise without the necessary funding for action! You're telling yourself funders are few, and you're feeling the pressure of proposal preparation, especially when it might be to no avail. You want to collaborate, but lack the partnerships necessary to help you achieve your professional desires and your organizational goals.

And, sometimes, life is simply overwhelming -- have you also had dreams about drawn-out recruiting processes, where most of the dreams are actually nightmares, and you're then kept anxious and unrested during your work day??

"You are not obliged to do what you do not like to do and should not do it, except as a means to bring you to the doing of the thing you want to do."


~Wallace Wattles

But now 


you veteran NGO executive, sturdy in your goals, but jaded by your organization's cultural status-quo... 


you nonprofit entrepreneur, ignited by your passion, but confused about the path to your goal... 


you action-inspiring  Talent leader, empowered by knowledge of your organization's culture, but struggling to bring core values to scale...


I understand.  I  know where you are,

and I'm here to support you!


"If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I? And if not now, when?" 

-Rabbi Hillel

I provide support with criticial aspects of talent management and organizational development, particularly talent recruitment and strategic planning. I'm a people-person, and it lights me up to partner with eager and enthusiastic leaders who are ready to make internal transformations  and commit to achieving  goals, no matter where their starting line is!

I'm Pascale Hughes, owner of Proctor Talent Services, and partner in your aim to Tune your 'Type T' Leader! I work with driven and innovative nonprofit and human resources leaders, encouraging clients to grasp their goals and own their Missions, all while unifying strategies around their most important asset: Talent!!

I've had tremendous opportunities to work internationally with uniquely talented individuals and travelled to over 25 countries meeting amazing people, learning different cultures, and loving every moment of it. I've worked with exceptional organizations that value professional development opportunities, master strategic planning and accountability, and inspire a culture of loyalty and commitment for their Talent across mulitple levels.

I've also experienced not-so-savory experiences in my professional life, ones that were not in service to my purpose or passion. I've been burned by burnout, and I've felt disappointment from unequal or unsatisfactory effort put forth by colleagues, supervisors, or direct reports, when it came to advancing personal and professional success. I've worked hard and committed drive in roles with the expectation that my efforts would lead to superior outcomes only to feel side-stepped or unheard. It has taken time and experience for me to understand the role that I play in ensuring my efforts lead to great rewards. 

I hold the  reigns for my professional and personal life, and it is within my power to inspire others to take the reigns for theirs.  My experiences have emboldened me and have provided unimaginable clarity around my goals --the clearer my goals are, the hotter my fire is to achieve them!


I have the skillset and knowledge and desire to support you as you tune your leadership capacity and create harmony between your personal goals, your talent management strategies, and your organization's Mission. I pride myself on being Mission-driven;  I appreciate you and how much your work excites you! The fervor for your organization's impact is palpable--your ideal talent should know it, hear it, Feel It   and  Want  It!


I'm here for you through "Tune your 'Type T' Leader", a 60  day, 1-on-1 coaching program for nonprofit and talent or human resources leaders who need to sharpen their leadership mindset, and devise strategies that are in-line with their organization's Mission and emphasize value to their Talent.

This  progam is for you if

You  are through doubting that it's possible for you to   win large-scale  funding for your talent priorities

You desire more confidence in your amazing ability to cultivate leaders inside and outside of your organization

You no longer wish to squander your valuable time and energy on activities that lead to more turnovers than growth

 This program and My Style  

And how is


1.       I MEET YOU AT   YOUR STARTING LINE and help you tackle mental obstacles

Whether you are a seasoned leader or in a new leadership role, I will invite you to be honest about your leadership capacities and the tactics you might employ to reinforce self-care and secure rewarding leadership results.

2.       I present   high-level concepts as well as tangible tools to SUPPORT YOUR ZONES OF GENIUS

This program provides insight into innovative talent management approaches to encourage creative strategic thinking, as well as concrete methodologies so you take action NOW.

3.       I SERVE AS YOUR  ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER  to help you stay on target

I'm not interested in micro-managing, however, count on me to keep you focused, particularly when Old Man Overwhelm comes knockin'.

4.       WE GET TO KNOW EACHOTHER, and explore  success  and happiness  triggers

       Our communication will be within a safe space where you can be open and honest as we explore your true goals and values. 

"Tune your 'Type T' Leader" encourages leadership awareness and introduces techniques and tools to attract, retain, develop, and transition Talent suited for specific goals.

Through honest and purposeful participation in this program, my clients will:




Strengthen emotional intelligence and tune-in to what being a leader means on a personal level

Explore financial planning tactics that support talent management and development

Discover loyal and Mission-driven partners by championing a winning employer brand

Advance talent management strategies that clearly connect to individual and organizational goals

Reap the benefits sowed by strengthening partnership networks





1. Embracing  your  Leadership Mindset

2. Strengthening Funding Consciousness

3. Boasting your Employer Brand

4. Tuning your Talent Strategy

5. Building your  Partner ship Capacity

Your inspiration, commitment, and drive are  the keys to  your leadership.  Open-up your creative and strategic mind and

  be the leader who will

  • Speak confidentially about your organization's Vision and the impact it will have in the world

  • Appreciate authenticity in your speech and writing, and realize honesty's potential in strengthening your funding proposals

  • Recognize what your ideal Talent desires from their ideal employer

  • Embrace other organizations as partners and not competitors

  • Master your leadership abilities and train your internal leaders do the same

  • Practice keeping overwhelm at bay so you can focus on executing your purpose, and your organization's Mission

  • Define your organization's brand and attract the talent meant for your Mission

  • Construct talent management strategies that clearly connect to your organization's goals

  • Develop programs that drive your Talent's ambitions, both personally and professionally

  • Collaborate effectively with colleagues at all levels in your organization's talent acquisition process

You and I will set out to recognize and embrace your leadership desires, potential, and values, and we will discuss various aspects of leadership, personality, and work styles as they relate to personal and organizational development. The first course on this journey is inward, and I will encourage you, as I do all Talent, to journey inward  when constructing plans to your desired goals. Understanding your values is key to unveiling your leadership, and because my desire to support you is sincere, I'm introducing a free excercise that wil help you discover your values and begin this journey NOW! Values are the guiding light for us and our organizations and this "Create   your Credo" exercise includes a credo memo from me which highlights the values that guide me and my work investing in partners and in leaders like you!

You're here because you are a leader wanting to up-level yourself, your organization, and your Talent, and I'm ready to support you.  Know that I have:

A Masters degree in Human Services specializing in Nonprofit Management and Leadership,  which provides an excellent scholastic  foundation, plus useful tools and strategies ideal for nonprofits

Worked professionally in leadership and support roles  for over seven years with nonprofit organizations and socially responsible companies,  and possess the know-how to bolster human resources and operational functions

 A Bachelors degree in Anthropology and Sociology and a keen awareness of how organizational culture affects talent behavior


Applicable certifications, including in Grant Proposal Writing and Facilitation Methodology, that I will use to support your unique talent and organizational needs

Allow me to apply my experience and passion to support you and your goals! If you've read this far it is because something has resonated; you feel inspired and know you are meant for more! 

Think about where you are now and where you want to be.

YOU decide if our partnership will help get you there!

You are ready to partner with me in this program  if:

  • You are the fearless leader of a nonprofit organization or talent/human resources team, fiercly passionate about your Mission!

  • You are committed to making positive change in the world through inspiring thoughts and actions!

  • You are open and willing to journey inward to make giant leaps forward!

  • You are ready to take chances for yourself and initiative for your organization!

  • You value collaboration and appreciate working with thought partners!

You are  not ready to partner with me in this program  if:

  • You choose not to challenge yourself and achieve the leadership success that is waiting for you!

  • You are unavailable for partnership-building, including partnerships that may lead to funding for your organization!

  • You are and unwilling to invest in yourself, your Talent, and your organization's Mission!

  • You avoid innovation and being solution-oriented!

  • You cannot be yourself while loving what you do! 


"Tune your 'Type T' Leader"


Are you ready to start the program 
and make big things happpen?!

I know you want to get your organization up an bolting with your Dream Team! And you know that you will make an investment for the long run. Don't waste your precious energy worrying about your talent strategies. Time is money, right? I'm here to guide you as you make it to your finish line--and beyond!


The investment for "Tune your 'Type T' Leader" is $1,850.


If this program--my eight-week, 1-on-1 support with personal and leadership development, employer branding, talent strategy, and partnership building--is something you know you would benefit from, let's talk about it and make it happen for you. If you are spinning your wheels and WASTING TIME feeling stuck about how to grow your organization in a way that feels purposeful, then

working with me should be a no brainer for you!


I'll support you as you tap into your core and pull out what inspires you so that you can inspire others through your passion for your organization and through the inpsired commitment of your talent and teams!


Speaking of your dream teams….(I can tell you're picturing them now!!)


Schedule a FREE Coaching Strategy call   with me and enroll in the program by   June 27   and

receive PTS Sourcing Support for a team member up to Manager-level as a BONUS!!

(a $645   dollar value! WOOT WOOT)!


Think about the TIME and MENTAL ENERGY you'll save partnering with me to not only create strategies for your organization that support your Mission, but also FIND and ATTRACT a new member for your team that reflects and supports your goals and Mission, too?!


The doors for "Tune your 'Type T' Leader" 1-on-1  coaching program  close on July 1, but remember to sign up for this limited-time bonus before 10:00am ET on Monday, June 27. Also know that I ONLY HAVE EIGHT (8) SPACES OPEN TO SUPPORT CLIENTS THROUGH THIS PROGRAM! It is important for me to get to know you, and your goals, and your organization's culture to provide meaningful support and to conduct a useful search for your ideal talent. In order for me to provide the best support, I must limit the number of spots available and provide you, and your organization, the focus you deserve!

The opportunity to partner with me 1-on-1 during this program closes at 11:59pm  ET on Friday, July  1. So, click theBook NOW! button to schedule a strategy call and let's discuss how impactful this program will be for you and your organization!


When you're ready (which, if you're still reading, you already are!), click the PayPal Sign Up button and let's make our partnership official! Once your payment is received, you will receive a special welcome orientation from me via email that will start us on our journey! LET'S GO!!



You've been here before: The point where you've decided "Something's got to give!"

That something is you! Give yourself the gift of:



a strong leadership mentally,

a committed and skillful team, and

an organziation that makes enormously positive change in the world.



These gifts are already yours! 

I'm here to guide and support you as you receive them! 

Still have questions?

Read through the FAQs--your answer may be there!

If not , email me at 

and get those lingering questions answered within 24 hours!



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