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Direct Care Staff


Your dream team is on the way...

Hello Team!

I'm glad to partner with you to hire a POSITION for ORGANIZATION!

Save this CheatSheet Page   for easy access to our shared recruitment folders and files.


If you have questions, don’t hesitate to email me directly (, or

add comments in our Vetting Team Forum below.

Candidate Profiles

Here's where we'll save, access and track  our active and inactive candidates. 

Active Candidates
Inactive Candidates
Candidate Tracker

Candidate Evaluations 

Here's where we'll save and access candidate screens, interview notes, vetting activities, and assessments. 

PTS Screens
AMIkids Interviews
Candidate Reports

Recruitment Administration

Here's where we'll save and access information and resources related to our search.

Feel free to download tools to support your search process. 

Search Details
Forms & Templates
Check-in Calls

Do you have Questions or Comments about our search?

Leave a message for our Team below.

DCS Vetting Team Forum

Direct Care Staff - Vetting Team Forum

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